Neighbourhood Shops

Neighbourhood Shops

Let’s face it, the world today revolves around cars, and buying local is a mantra that is repeated all over the country in a bid to revive local retail and encourage greener ways of living.

At Poulton you’ll find odd corner shops dotted about, with small rows of convenience stores in local neighbourhoods.

All along the Fylde Coast, between the main towns and villages you’ll find the routes are punctuated with local neighbourhood shopping centres at the heart of the community. You’ll find runs of shops that include typically a bakery, local store, couple of food retailers, a pet shop and takeaway – the backbone of British retailing is alive and open here!

While even main high streets are failing all over the UK, if you live or holiday here you can be sure to find a local row of shops that will help you out with all the things that you forget to buy in a main shop at a supermarket – and provide the backbone of local retailing that would make other places in the UK green with envy!

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