Artist Catherine Stubbs

Artist Catherine Stubbs

Catherine’s husband got in touch, to say that his wife was holding her first solo exhibition at Poulton Library and would we be interested in running an article. The answer to questions like that is always ‘yes’!

Catherine has previously entered paintings in exhibitions at venues across the Fylde including Garstang and Cockerham, but next week will be her first solo venture. This is what Catherine had to say.

I am originally from Cumbria, but moved to the Fylde Coast when I was young.  I have been interested in all things ‘arty’ since childhood.  At the age of fifteen I received a first prize in Blackpool’s Young Seasider’s Competition, an art competition for local schoolchildren which has been running since 1948.

During my working and family years I maintained an interest in art and whenever possible would attend classes for oils, watercolour and drawing.  However it was in 2007, when I began classes for acrylic painting and techniques, that my enthusiasm was heightened.  I was fascinated by the versatility of this medium, with glazes, layering and texture.  The following year my early retirement provided the opportunity to spend more time on my art.

Colour and texture, are key features of my work.  The subject matter must be something that excites or challenges me.  I love the countryside and nature, and several of my works focus on this.  But like many artists I am constantly changing, with subject ideas, content and texture.  It is exciting to try different things and see them evolve.

An artist never stops looking for a picture.  My love of travel, especially around Britain, France and Italy, combined with an interest in photography, provides me with ideas and reference material for my work.

Art to me is relaxing, challenging, therapeutic, and of course fun!

You can see Catherine’s work at Poulton Library from Tuesday 8th May to Friday 18th.


Catherine Stubbs

Snow Leopard

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