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The new Poulton Forum held its first meeting on 7 November 2011, and saw St Chad’s Church Hall filled to capacity.

The general public turned out in force to support the continuation of this popular public meeting, with 111 members of the public in attendance including a number of local Councillors.

Wyre Council are supporting the continuation of the function of the Local Area Forums through new or existing community groups, and a motion was passed that Poulton Forum would continue under the name of Poulton and Carleton Residents’ Association. It’s an important step forward – the advantage is that it provides a voice for the community and a body that Wyre Council has said that it would continue to consult with, and also encourage major developers and projects to do the same.

Local Area Forums were previously run by Wyre Strategic Partnership in each town of the Borough. In 2011 a decision was made to end this arrangement. In many part of the Borough attendance had dwindled to very small numbers and there are other groups who offer a similar function and could continue to provide links between the general public and public sector. However, the Poulton Forum was probably the strongest one and was consistently well attended with audiences often approaching 100 attendees – so here the loss was felt the greatest.

Under Wyre Strategic Partnership, Lesley Middleton Chaired the Forum with Bill Waller as Vice Chair, and in the face of popular public demand they continued to forge ahead and organise the same kind of meeting for the people of Poulton.

Bill explained why he and Lesley felt it important to continue with the group. ‘The area Forum was often the only time that the ordinary man in the street got to meet their Ward Councillor, or the managers and leaders of their public services, and we feel that it’s important that there should be easy access to community leaders and to keep people up to date with the things that affect them’.

Bill was also quite clear that the meetings would be steered by the general public, with speakers invited on very local and important matters to the area.

If anyone has got any concerns, good news to share, or things that they think should be discussed at a public meeting they can get in touch and make suggestions for items on the forthcoming agendas.

Get in touch

Email the Chair, Lesley Middleton, on lesleymiddleton84@gmail.com

Poulton Forum

The Poulton and Carleton Residents’ Association is a voice for the area, continuing to host the Forum meetings, and is a chance for you to find out what’s happening and to voice your opinion.

So come along and find out more, or you can email Lesley Middleton, the Chair, at:

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