Poulton Forum

Poulton Forum

Poulton Forum is a quarterly meeting where the community shares local information

Poulton Forum

Minutes of previous meetings of Poulton Forum,
and agendas for forthcoming meetings here

The new Poulton Forum held its first meeting on 7 November 2011. The general public turned out in force to support the continuation of this popular public meeting, with 111 members of the public in attendance including a number of local Councillors.

Community Forums were held in each town in Wyre, managed through the Local Strategic Partnership – known here as Wyre Strategic Partnership (WSP).

When WSP was dissolved in 2011, Wyre Council pledged to support the continuation of the function of the Local Area Forums through new or existing community groups. Because Poulton Forum had been a strong, active group there was a strong desire for it to continue and so a motion was passed that Poulton Forum would continue under the name of Poulton and Carleton Residents’ Association.

Under Wyre Strategic Partnership, Lesley Middleton Chaired the Forum with Bill Waller as Vice Chair, and in the face of popular public demand they continued to forge ahead and organise the same kind of meeting for the people of Poulton.

Bill explained why he and Lesley felt it important to continue with the group. ‘The area Forum was often the only time that the ordinary man in the street got to meet their Ward Councillor, or the managers and leaders of their public services, and we feel that it’s important that there should be easy access to community leaders and to keep people up to date with the things that affect them’.

The meetings are steered by the general public, with speakers invited on very local and important matters to the area.

It also provides a voice for the community and a route through which organisations can engage with the public. 

If anyone has got any concerns, good news to share, or things that they think should be discussed at a public meeting they can get in touch with Bill and make suggestions for items on the forthcoming agendas.

Email Waller505@msn.com

Poulton Forum

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