Car Parking in Poulton

Car Parking in Poulton

You can now park for free in the Teanlowe car park in Poulton town centre.

With the completion of the new Booths supermarket in the Teanlowe Centre, which opened on 4 November 2015, a new agreement came into effect between Booths and Wyre Council.

Shoppers can now benefit from free parking for up to three hours. 

The car park behind the former Booths store on Ball Street is still operating as a pay and display.

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You can still park there for a maximum of two hours and you can have your parking ticket reimbursed when you spend over £5 in the new store. Your residents permit is still also valid on this car park.

The former Booths on Ball Street is now closed and parking will continue until further notice. 

Teanlowe car Park PoultonTeanlowe car Park Poulton

Ball Street Car Park behind the former BoothsBall Street Car Park behind the former Booths

  1. Car park at teanlowe center needs to be one way, someone is going to get knocked over or cars damaged. There’s not enough room for two way traffic

    1. I’d suggest that you pass your comment on to Wyre Council Jean. You may also want to contact your local Councillor too.

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